Pim Stohr - Senior Manager, Solutions

Everyone at the company is ambitious and there is a constant drive to improve from one year to the next.

Gabor Lorincz - Consultant, Financial Institutions

We solve financial problems creatively and pragmatically with my teams by assessing, validating, or developing quantitative models. Similarly to other Zanders’ colleagues, I love challenging problems in Excel and brainstorming on these tasks. Honestly, I can be genuinely joyful and proud if I can overcome these issues.

Roy van den Broek – Senior Consultant, Public Sector and Capital Markets

Within Zanders, we have a broad spectrum of specialised consultants.

Willemijn Rademaker - Consultant , Corporates

I believe knowledge is at its finest when it is shared. At Zanders this is done on a regular basis, whether it be an internal training session or a chat at the coffee machine.

Petter Huusko - Manager, Corporates

Zanders has the feel of a small start up company encouraging entrepreneurial behaviour, but with over 250 co-workers worldwide (and growing).

Alina Tincu - Senior Manager, Corporates

I have had the chance to create my own role and carve out my own future

Pieter Sermeus - Senior Manager, Corporates

The Treasury landscape is constantly evolving

Siska Van Hees - Senior Manager, Financial Institutions

At Zanders there are many smart people who bring the knowledge they have into practice, and create pragmatic, clear solutions for their clients.

Jelmer Lichthart - Senior Manager, Financial Institutions

I got to know Zanders as thought leaders in the field of financial risk management. For me, it was clear this was the company to further boost my career.