Gabor Lorincz - Consultant, Financial Institutions

We solve financial problems creatively and pragmatically with my teams by assessing, validating, or developing quantitative models. Similarly to other Zanders’ colleagues, I love challenging problems in Excel and brainstorming on these tasks. Honestly, I can be genuinely joyful and proud if I can overcome these issues.

Why have I chosen Zanders?

Besides my Bachelor’s studies, I have been working in the largest bank in the Central-European region. I had the opportunity to work with financial institution consultants; I adored their skills and colourful job, and I decided to try myself as a consultant in the future. Therefore, after finishing my Master’s studies in Financial Management at Utrecht University, I started as a Consultant in 2021 at Zanders. I have chosen Zanders because I had the opportunity to listen to the company’s presentation and the possible career path that I found desirable. I think the projects of Zanders are fascinating and challenging at the same time.

Welcoming culture at Zanders

The work environment at Zanders is absolutely welcoming, friendly and motivating – a place I love to go to work every day. Additionally, Zanders’ structure is much flattener than other companies, which implies more responsibilities and more possibilities for individuals from the beginning of our career at Zanders. Furthermore, as a consultant, I have to work in a team, which is extremely useful as it provides the possibility of learning from the more senior experts and a diverse group from all around the globe with different backgrounds and skillsets. Team members at Zanders increase an individual’s strengths – this is why I love working in this motivating environment where I have to fulfil my responsibilities with a healthy pressure and benefit from assisting each other.

Last but not least, we have several fun activities at Zanders to increase the social connections between the colleagues. For example, with the athletic team members, we usually play squash together (during the day), compete in go-karting or which teams have the best skills regarding escape room.

Professional and personal development

The most attractive factors of a consulting career are the continuous learning opportunities and getting involved in several projects in various industries, which would require being always up-to-date. These activities provide a valuable working experience and the possibility to develop my characteristics. I am also eager to do the CFA exams and continue to build my Dutch language knowledge, and Zanders provides clear and valuable assistance to achieve these goals. As a participant in Zanders Talent Program, we have plenty of training that prepares us for the CFA exam. Not surprisingly, the passing level at Zanders (∼70%) is significantly higher than the overall average (∼40%).

Furthermore, my tasks are exciting and challenging, such as advising banks, insurers or asset manager clients surrounding their financial risk models, policies and governance, like creating risk models for PD or LGD estimation curves for banks or forecasting the behaviour of the banking customers in terms of their prepayment habits.

Studies:        Financial Management MSc at University of Utrecht

Finance and Accounting BSc, Finance specialization at Corvinus University of Budapest

Consultant at Zanders since: 2021